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Trigon Auctions Foal Season Starts Now – Trigon
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5 June 2021

Trigon Auctions Foal Season Starts Now

Trigon Auctions has launched its first collection of the 2021 foal season.

The team around Stal Tops, the VDL Stud and auctioneer Frederik De Backer have selected 16 foals at the renowned Tops International Arena.

The bidding starts next Friday 11 June and the lots close traditionally the following Wednesday, 16 June.

We’re happy with the foals we were offered by the breeders.” says Janko van de Lageweg. We’re not a mainstream auction that follows the traditional bloodlines and damlines and also in this collection you can find new strong sports families that have proven to produce sport horses. We’re proud of that research.”

Potential based on the strength of the family and the sire, combined with the soundness and correctness of the foal has been our formula last season and it resulted in a near 100% clearance rate. Now one year one we get good feedback from our clients on their yearling so it seems we’re on a good way” explains Frederik De Backer. It’s the potential that matters most to us, the opportunity for our clients to buy potential sport horses, the commercial side comes secondary”.

As always Trigon Auctions offers their clients a variety of service to make the purchase as easy as possible.

Housing of the foal until a certain age, insurance and transport can all be provided upon a simple request.