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Trigon Auctions – Trigon
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12 Max Blue Zirocco Blue 2846 hoog

Trigon Auctions

Experts in their fields offering you the complete package to invest in total confidence and transparency.

In the Spotlights

11 Bacardi 7327klein
Bacardi filly out of the sister of 1.50m Ericsson/A.Millar

Special d’ Loma K

Filly — June 152022
Bacardi VDL x Flipper D’Elle
06 New Pleasure Lux 6472klein
Brother of 2 1.60m horses, Florida Balia & Balintore

Springdale Balia NL

Colt — June 12022
New Pleasure x Lux
14 Funky Music 7699klein
Comme il Faut out of Grand Prix winner Funky Music

Comme Funky Z

Colt — June 72022
Comme Il Faut x Vigo d’Arsouilles

How to buy on Trigon

1.Log In or Register
Register on Trigon and be ready to bid. You must be a minimum of 18 years. Once you’re registered, log in and buy your favorite.
2. Bid
Once the auction is opened, just bid on your favorite and confirm. If someone else has overbid you, we will send you an e‑mail. Time to bid again.
3. Pay
Did you place the winning bid? Congratulations! You will be sent an invoice, payable within the first 8 working days.
4. Receive
D‑day! You’ve held the winning bid and completed the payment. Time to organise the delivery with the seller so you can finally enjoy your purchase.
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