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23 September 2021

Trigon Auctions enters a new season with 3 year olds

Ahead of the World Breeding Jumping Championships, Trigon Auctions have released their first collection of 3 year old horses.

With the bidding already started this collection contains 10 selected, trained and thoroughly vetted show jumpers. 

The horses are home-bred or scouted at trust-worthy breeders. They have been vetted and the vet reports, including x‑rays can be sent upon demand.

It is interesting to note that all 10 horses have already been backed and have spent some time under the saddle for rudimentary training.

The auction closes next Wednesday 29 September at 20.00h.

Both Janko van de Lageweg and Frederik De Backer are present in Lanaken and are ready to answer any question about the horses, but they can also easily be reached over the phone on +31 6 51 81 52 25 for Janko or +31 6 38 37 44 62 for Frederik.

Fancara VDL VALK21 L64717
Namonika VALK21 L64830