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Son Pleasure van Papinglo TRIG21 L23129
23 April 2021

Peace of mind at Trigon Auctions

Today, Friday 23 April, bidding starts on www​.trigonauctions​.com.

The auction forged by Stal Tops, VDL Stud and Frederik De Backer launched its first collection of 2021 last week and the bidding on 11 selected 3 year old horses has begun.

With a collection of stallions, of which Neverland VDL (by Chacfly) is approved in Mecklenburg and Son’s Pleasure is selected for KWPN, Trigon Auctions presents its clients with several option and possibilities.

Janko van de Lageweg:

We want to surround you and your horses with the best care. That is why we offer to assist in the breaking in, gelding and rearing of these stallions. Our long-time partners are at your service ensuring the quality of work and the care for your horse.”

Summer in the field

The stallions or gelding can be housed until the end of the summer season so they enjoy another summer of green grass. 


It is likely that many clients want their horse to be broken in for a brief period. It is a good time to have them saddle broken an after this short period of training we can of course organise for the horse to go back in the field until they come in at the end of the summer. The clients than has a full grown, broke in horse, ready to start training.


Upon request, the auction team can organise for a stallion to be gelded. This can be done in combination with a summer in the grass or basic training.

The bidding closes Wednesday 28 april at 20:00 CEST on www​.trigonauctions​.com.

The veterinary reports and x‑rays can be downloaded from the website.

For enquiries:

Janko van de Lageweg: 00316 51 81 52 25

Frederik De Backer: 0031 6 38 37 44 62